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FAQ's for PackersMovers.WS

How Many Moving Estimates Do I Need?

We recommend you to get “Moving estimates/ quotations from at least 4-5 different removal companies. The estimates may vary in price depending on what services are offered and other amenities are included in the price.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Packers and Movers?

The price, cost or charges of professional movers and packers may vary on different factors. The distance of your move, volume of the goods whether packaging materials are included or not? Whether you need unpacking or rearranging services or not? Are moving companies insured to move your high-value items? These are the factors that define the moving cost. It is advisable that you should take written estimates only and never hesitate to ask movers everything to be written within your quotation.

Is It Necessary to Do a Pre-Move Survey?

Pre-move surveys help to lay out a plan for your move. You should definitely invite packers and movers for a pre-move survey. This will help your mover to know what kind of packaging materials will be required and how much. Pre-move surveys will determine the approximate cost of your move and the amount of space your belongings will occupy on the truck. Our associated removal companies are well known for providing quality relocation services and they highly recommend their clients to conduct pre-move survey to provide efficient execution of entire shifting process.

Would It Be a Good Idea For Me to Check Online Surveys?

Of course yes! Online reviews and testimonials are really helpful for finding the most appropriate and authentic packers and movers. This will let you know about the services and qualities of the services offered by a removal company which will help you to opt for the right one.

When Is The Perfect Time to Relocate?

Well, there is not a particular date or day for relocating home but there are some aspects by which you can choose a particular day of your move if possible. Some people prefer moving on weekends to have sufficient time for unpacking and shifting but this is also the busiest days for the professional movers, hence they may charge higher price on these particular days. Hence, it is advisable you to move on off season or on an early-mid week to save money.

Can I Pack My Possessions By Myself?

Why not, of course you can pack your possessions by yourself. In fact there are certain personal and important possessions that should be packed by you even if you have hired packers and movers company. But before packing your household goods you make sure that you are aware of right packing methods. Proper packing of households diminish the half of the risk of damaging goods during transportation hence, you should pack the good with proper safety and much perfection. Our associated movers and packers company can customize their services to your specific needs and let you do the packing job.

How Should I Pack My Stuff?

There is a right technique of packing goods, make sure you know those techniques and right methods for packing the goods, if you have decided to do it yourself. If you don’t have any idea then either you should leave it on professional movers to do for you or you must learn it. Well, you will get many online portals where you will get easy packing tips for your move. You should use appropriate moving boxes and high quality packaging materials for packing your possessions. Mark each case with the suitable tag for streamlined execution.

What Kind of Packing Materials or Supplies Will I Need To Pack and Move Home?

There are different types of packaging materials and you may require all of them for packing your household goods. Well, it totally depends on the size and nature of the goods. Generally you will require carton boxes, cardboard boxes of different sizes, bubble wraps, wrapping sheets, packaging-tapes, knife, scissor, labeling stickers, markers, thermocol, etc. for packing your stuff.

Are Enlisted Packers and Movers at This Site Legitimate?

Yes, all the packers and movers at this website are legitimate and authentic. We are only associated with the trained, experienced, certified, reputed, licensed, insured and customer-friendly professional packer and movers.  Our quality check team verifies experience, license, insurance and other credentials of moving companies before making association with them.

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